Around the Block

Recently retired, I travel around the country in a 2015 Roadtrek 190P. I go to music festivals; visit old & new friends; join RV get-togethers and head towards any other adventure which catches my eye.

Oh, bread… Definitely bread.. Wherever I go, I try and bake bread.. For the campers in the next campsite; For the friends who are nice enough to put up with me; For the person with a guitar who’s walking past my campsite; For anyone with a friendly face standing outside the song circle who’s not chewing on some of my bread..

I’m a firm believer that everyone has to bring something to the party..
I bring bread..

breadmanrises.com is a collection of festival reviews, RV and travel tips, mindless ramblings and semi-coordinated thoughts about the journey through life and where it leads.

Brian “Breadman” Wolfsohn

Ossipee Valley Music Festival
Ossipee Valley Music Festival
Drunk Uncle Moonshine Band Reunion Kerrville 2019
Drunk Uncle Moonshine Band Reunion Kerrville 2019
Camp Jews Don't Camp Kerrville 2018
Camp Jews Don’t Camp Kerrville 2018
Merlefest April 2019
Merlefest April 2019

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Frequently Ask Question

1. Where are you headed?

I have a map showing festivals all over the country. A Red pin means i’m going, a yellowpin means maybe, and a blue pin means informational only..

2. Where can I find an RV to buy?

Lots of places in the web.. I suggest you stsrt with rvtrader.com

3. Have you ever been in danger? 

No, But there have been places i’ve pulled into where i didn’t feel comfortable, and i left. Excercise common sense and don’t be afraid to pull up stakes..

Baking at the Kerrville Music Festival