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Kerrville and the South Florida Folk Festival have been my festival homes since the mid 90’s. I also went to the Sarasota festival for a couple of years until it stopped, and added Will McLean about 5 years ago. This year, I’ve decided to go around the country to music festivals, RV gatherings and visit friends including journeys to Florida, New England, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and maybe even Kansas. I’ve attended RV get-togethers in Florida and will be doing one in Alabama in October. Right now, i’m on a four month journey and will be home in November.

My priorities have always been friends and community, and bread seems to be the perfect medium to help create community in just about any environment. The bread thing pre-dates my festival going. It probably comes from my grandparents who went through life with the attitude that food makes everything better..

Is there a folk caravan in your future ? Maybe a journey to one of the festivals around the country ? Check out the festival reviews, or shoot me a fb message, or email to if you have any questions. or if there’s no review here yet for the festival you’re wondering about.

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  1. It was great meeting you at the Kerrville fest this past year . I see your venturing New England…. If your ever in the Wellsboro Pa. area in August , the fest I always went to before moving to Texas is Awesome. 3 days of Music in the mountains. I hope you like bluegrass !

    1. Benny, What’s the name of the festival ? If it’s Hickory festival, I’ve just added that one to the North American Folk Festival Map.
      I look forward to seeing you at Kerrville again…

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